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    Defne Inceoglu

    Defne Inceoglu, BA., MMSt., is a museum professional, researcher, communications specialist, graphic designer and literacy advocate. They have developed and undertaken research projects at major Toronto institutions such as the Royal Ontario Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto and the Textile Museum of Canada. They volunteer as a low literacy / ESL tutor, and are active in advocacy groups in Parkdale, their neighbourhood.

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    Revital Weiss

    Revital Weiss, BES, MMSt, is an arts education, public programming, and urban planning professional with experience in both land development and arts and culture. She has held education, engagement, and project assistant positions at small- to mid-sized institutions including the Koffler Gallery, FENSTER Gallery, the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre, and the Visual Ars Centre of Clarington. She is passionate about decolonizing institutionalized spaces through policy, engagement, and the arts, and has conducted research in areas of Indigenous street art, public art policy, social housing, and community engagement.


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Dreeko is a Toronto-based developer, specializing in aesthetic web design.

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